Eggplant Ruling

Ruling declares no advantage should be given to humans over “other feeders”


Here is an excerpt from the judge’s ruling on the court challenge to stop research trials of a GM eggplant. The plant would greatly reduce the heavy use of pesticides for this principle crop in Asia.


“Thus, it is evident and clear that bt talong is a technology  involving the deliberate alteration of an otherwise natural state of affairs. It is designed and intended to alter natural feed-feeder  relationships of the eggplant. It is a deliberate genetic reconstruction of the eggplant to alter its natural order which is meant to eliminate  one feeder (the borer) in order to give undue advantage to another feeder (the humans). The genetic transformation is one designed to make bt talong toxic to its pests (the targeted organisms).

In effect,  bt talong kills its targeted organisms. Consequently, the testing or introduction of bt talong into the Philippines, by its nature and intent, is a grave and present danger to (and an assault on) the Filipinos’ constitutional right to a balanced ecology because, in any book and by any yardstick, it is an ecologically imbalancing event or phenomenon. It is a willful and deliberate tampering of a naturally ordained feed-feeder relationship in our environment. It destroys the balance of our biodiversity.

Because it violates the conjunct right of our people to a balanced ecology, the whole constitutional right of our people (as legally and logically construed) is violated.  “

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