Asian Tour Newsletter 2015

Allow Golden Rice Now

4 Children Die Every Minute

From Vitamin A Deficiency

Please Help Us Fight Those Who Oppose Golden Rice

In addition to 2 million children dying each year from vitamin A deficiency, as many as 500,000 go blind. 

The Golden Rice South Asian Tour

February 15, 2015

Commencing March 4 to March 20 the Allow Golden Rice Now Campaign will tour the Philippines, Bangladesh, and India where vitamin A deficiency is a major cause of child mortality. Two million children and many mothers die each year from a lack of this essential vitamin. It is the greatest cause of child death today. Golden Rice is the obvious cure, but because it was created with genetic science, Greenpeace and the anti-GMO movement fervently oppose it. 

On August 8, 2013, Greenpeace instigated the destruction of Golden Rice scientific field trials at the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines. The Allow Golden Rice Society is actively campaigning for the approval of Golden Rice so it can be delivered to the 200 million children who are deficient in vitamin A.

“If Golden Rice were a cure for cancer, malaria, or Ebola, it would have been approved 10 years ago. In that time, 20 million people, mostly children, have died. This is a crime against humanity,” stated Dr. Patrick Moore, leader of the campaign. “All we ask is that Greenpeace and their allies make an exception for Golden Rice to their opposition to GM crops”, continued Dr. Moore. “Millions of lives are at stake.”

The members of the of the Golden Rice South Asia Tour are:

Horst Rehberger (Germany) a senior politician who had held Cabinet positions in State Government. He supports biotechnology and nuclear energy, contrary to the majority in Germany.

Uwe Schrader (Germany) a PhD in biology, expert in biotechnology, Head of InnoPlanta, a partnership of farmers and scientists working to promote biotechnology.

Hans-Jörg Jacobsen (Germany) Head of Plant Biotechnology, Institute of Plant Genetics of Leibniz University of Hanover. He is a member of the board of the Nature Conservation Forum Germany (NaFor), chairman of the Society of Plant Biotechnology. Hans-Jörg has spent much time in Bangladesh.

Eileen Moore (Canada) An early campaigner with Greenpeace. Represents families and women for the Allow Golden Rice campaign.

Paul Evans (Australia) Paul has joined the campaign recently to provide communications, social media, and website support.

Dr. Patrick Moore (Canada) Ecologist and Former Greenpeace Director, Now Leader and Spokesperson for the Allow Golden Rice Campaign.

The Tour will begin with a field trip to the International Rice Research Institute near Manila, the lead agency internationally for the development of Golden Rice. In each city there will be media conferences to inform the media and interested citizens on the importance of Golden Rice and to challenge the inhumane opposition to its introduction. The tour members will meet with government and industry representatives and hold public demonstrations against Greenpeace and their allies.

“It is a testament to the uncaring attitude of Greenpeace and the anti-GMO movement that they will not drop their opposition to Golden Rice,” stated Dr. Moore. “Golden Rice has been proven to deliver vitamin A to both adults and children so there is certainty that it could save millions of lives. Can you imagine the grief of millions of parents who watch helplessly while their young children perish before their eyes”?

You can support the campaign by visiting

Asian Tour Dates

Manila, Philippines
March 3-10

Dhaka, Bangladesh 
March 10-14

New Delhi, India  
March 14-18

Mumbai, India 
March 18-21

Our Success So Far
Since October 2012, our Golden Rice campaigns have reached an audience of over 31,000,000 people through the media with a positive message on Golden Rice.

Why Donate?

The Allow Golden Rice Now campaign is run by volunteers and funded by small donations while our opponents, like GREENPEACE, have hundreds of millions of dollars at their disposal to spread mis-information about Golden Rice, all the while, 2 million children die every year.

Your donation will help pay for the cost for our specialist team to travel to South Asia and vital additional promotional material which will help us convince decision makers we visit in our South Asia tour to Allow Golden Rice Now.




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