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Press release by HiPP in response to the planned April 11 Golden Rice Now! demonstration

When we learned on the morning of April 11 that HiPP had released the below statement we decided to forego our demonstration and instead thank them for making it clear that they do not support Greenpeace.

Their statement is clearly crafted to castigate our campaign as a front for the overall bio-tech industry, and to re-enforce the idea that there are no GMOs in their products.

However, their statement that our assertion that they support Greenpeace is false is also very clear. This is the first time a large organics producer has broken the alliance that has grown between Greenpeace and the organics food industry, and we believe that the majority of these corporations will agree with us that Greenpeace should not be waging their campaign against Golden Rice.

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HiPP GmbH & Co. Vertrieb KG Georg-Hipp-Straße 7, 85276 Pfaffenhofen (Ilm)
April 11, 2014
To the members of the press:
The manifestation in front of the center of the HiPP-company is an action of promoters of Gene Technology, among others Patrick Moore. He supports openly the interests of the international Gene-technology Industry and fights since the beginning of this year with considerable impact in the public against the opponents of GMOs, in particular against Greenpeace, everything in the name of a PR action tour through major German cities (www.allowgoldenricenow.org).

With the help of this manifestation, Patrick Moore constructs a connection between the destruction of experimental fields of the Golden Rice traits in the Philippines (supposedly through Greenpeace) and also to the Vitamin A deficiency of children in the developing world.
Thereby he also supposes that HiPP allegedly supports Greenpeace. This assertion is wrong.
I is also wrong that HiPP processes genetically modified vegetables. On the contrary it is correct to say that HiPP produces organic vegetables in which it is prohibited by law that no GMOs should be involved.

With this manifestation Mr. Moore tries to exploit the popular brand name HiPP for the purpose of his campaign. With the background of those totally wrong and improper statements by Patrick Moore HiPP refuses to make any further statements.

For more information we refer to the Greenpeace statement of April 9.
On behalf of the HiPP communication department, Brigitte Engel.

(No Greenpeace statement has yet been released)

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